Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is me as a Peanut's Gang member, doing that awesome dance move that's seen in the Charlie Brown Christmas. ^_^

Have a GREAT week and remember, there's like 6 days left until Christmas. ^_^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tweet, tweet, tweet, a bird choir is a TREAT!

For my Children's Market class, we were left to our own devices and allowed to do whatever we pleased. As long as it was children inspired/targeted.

So I decided to use an idea I had earlier this year. One where a little girl directs a choir of birds. My first composition had a straight on view of a tree, birds all lined up on a branch and the girl standing in profile before it. I've been advised to walk around my pieces to see if there might be a more interesting view to them.

So what's more interesting then looking down upon the girl from the view of the birds. Of course, this proved a problem when collecting reference, but this is what resulted:

laying down some color . . .

and done(all in watercolor and pen)! for now anyways. ^_^ would you like to know a secret? the girl was originally some ordinary little girl, until a friend suggested I make the girl be myself. I rather liked the suggestion so I went with it. ^_^

Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Our last assignment for Groffaluffagus was to take an old comic cover and redo it in our own style. Like they do here on this site.

So I chose Batman because he is BEAUTIFUL! and I chose this cover because it's hilarious. ^_^

Now this is my spin on it:

heehee, i LOVE Batman! When I finished this, I was later inspired to put up my Batman Christmas tree. ^_^

have a WONDERFUL week!

In Search of a Friend

Here's another story. Enjoy! ^_^

In Search of a Friend
Written by Jeanette Bowman

In a park, not so very far from here, there lives a little girl. But she isn’t like most girls, she is a ghost.
She is a sweet ghost, spending her days watching the little children who come to the park to play. She watched them laugh and play together, sliding down the slides and swinging on the swings. She watched them build castles in the sand box and go up and down on the teeter totter.
She spent day after day watching the children play and have fun with one another. But one day while she was watching them, she realized she was sad because she had no one to play with like the children had each other.
So she decided to go look for a friend. The little ghost girl looked around the park for a friend, but all the children seemed too busy having fun to notice her.
The little ghost girl then went to the bus station to see if any of the grown ups would be her friend, but they all seemed too busy looking bored to notice her.
She then went to the pet store to look for a friend, but the animals there seemed too busy eating to notice her.
The little ghost girl went back to her park, feeling sadder than before because she hadn’t found a friend anywhere.
As she went to the little woods where she lived, she noticed a bright yellow balloon tied to a bench.
The little ghost girl went up to the balloon hopefully. It wasn’t too busy playing, or too busy looking bored, or too busy eating to notice her. The little ghost girl smiled because she finally found a friend.
The little ghost girl and the balloon played at the park on the teeter totter.
They laughed together as they rode the bus.
The two of them went to the pet store together and looked at all the animals.
As the both of them made their way back to the park, a large gust of wind came by and swept the yellow balloon away from the little ghost girl. She chased after the balloon, trying her hardest to catch him.
The little ghost girl chased the balloon until she couldn’t see it any more. She went back to her woods feeling sad again because she had lost her friend.
But then, she saw something yellow far away.
When she got closer she saw that it was her friend, the yellow balloon. But her friend wasn’t alone, there was a little ghost boy sitting on the bench next to her friend.
He smiled at her and said, “Hello, will you be my friend?”
The little ghost girl smiled and said, “Okay.”

The End

There are two illustrations I did for this story located here.

The Tragedy of the Little Tea Bag

I've decided to post a few of my "writings" up on my blog, until I can build them a proper place to live and when I write more of them too. ^_^ so here is one for you to enjoy now.

The Tragedy of the Little Tea Bag
Written by Jeanette Bowman

Once upon a time, there was a little tea bag. He was very young, just freshly made, and full of life and good cheer. The little tea bag was eager to fill his tea bag purpose, even though he wasn’t quite sure of all that that would entail.

So he waited anxiously in a clear glass jar full of fellow tea bags. There were bags of earl grey and green tea, just like himself. There were also bags of chamomile, mint, and jasmine. He waited day after day to fulfill his tea bag purpose, never losing his good cheer even as he watched fellow tea bags being chosen one by one.

One day, early in the light of dawn, the little tea bag was finally chosen. He was bursting with elation as he left the glass jar and his fellow tea bags. The little tea bag knew that this was his moment. He was going to fulfill his tea bag purpose.

He was placed within a container very much like his glass jar, but this container was smaller and he could not see through it’s walls. The little tea bag’s heart swelled with joy, knowing that within seconds his tea bag purpose would be met.

From above, he saw clear liquid fall down upon him. And then a scream of agony burst through his little body. The liquid was searing hot, like liquid fire, and the little tea bag was being steadily submerged within it.

He began to go weak as his body was soaked through, he fell limp against the wall of his new prison. The tea bag felt his innards seep out through his thin layer of paper skin. But even though the little tea bag was steeping in agony, he was the happiest he’d ever been.

The little tea bag smelled the enticing aroma that he was the cause of and became overjoyed all the more. And as his eyes slid closed one last time, a little contented smile spread across his face. The little tea bag had fulfilled his tea bag purpose.

The End

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, here you go, the finished piece of Red's Revenge, for any of you who wanted to see what it would look like with the characters filled in instead of them looking like white-blob-ghost-things . . .

can you guess what it was done in? if you guessed watercolor and colored pencil you are the winner! and your prize is (drum roll) . . . a hug from me?

here's a close up, that's kind of fuzzy. if you'd like to know the back story or thought behind this piece, you can scroll down a bit and find the earlier post RED'S REVENGE, or for those of you who like to click stuff, click on this.

alright, have a WONDERFUL Saturday my lovelies!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In my Children's Marketing Illustration class, we had to illustrate a poster that promoted reading. So here's what I turned in:

The piece was done in watercolor and colored pencil. I did large areas of color in watercolor and did detailed work in colored pencil, such as the hundreds of scales I drew on the dragon. I like the background a lot, I went over it about twenty times trying different techniques like wet on wet, paper towel, and sea sponge. I'm trying to make myself experiment more with the media that I love, watercolor. Most of my technique is wet on dry with a little bit of wet on wet here and there.

Anyways, I really like the concept I came up with, what little kid hasn't wanted a dragon for a friend, especially if he happens to be your book buddy too. ^_^ It still needs some tweaking with skin tone, text, and I think the dragon's eyes are off a bit. But this is how it stands now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Jay and The Peacock: PART 4

this is the FINAL (for now) piece for my Jay and Peacock project. it's done in watercolors and colored pencils (what else would it be in, really?) I really like my jay character, but i need to fix the value on the right side of the composition between the tail and grass . . . just waiting to get it back. ^_^
have a GREAT break! ^_^

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red's Revenge

For my Humorous Illustration Class, we were assigned to do a piece for S.O.I. (Society of Illustrators). Our only requirement was that it had to be humorous. So i did an idea I've had since the beginning of the year but hadn't had the opportunity to do it. It's a scene of Little Red Riding Hood scolding the Wolf, who's muzzled and on a leash, looking very crestfallen. I know it may not be humorous to most, but i find it amusing. ^_^

line drawing

the HORRIBLE color comp

The start of the FINAL . . . maybe i should leave the characters like that. ^_^ just kidding.

The FINAL FINAL soon to come . . .

The Jay and The Peacock: PART 3

The Color Comp . . . I don't much like color comps.

Stay Tuned, the final is on it's way . . .

Thursday, November 11, 2010


More portraits from my Portrait Drawing Class. Many, if not all, are in need of some tweaking still.


hair study, colored pencil
AH! hands! colored pencil

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Jay and The Peacock: PART 2

Now for the line drawings:

This is the first line drawing of my piece.

This is the improved line drawing from the first.
Up next, the color comp . . . ugh.

The Jay and The Peacock: PART 1

Our new assignment in Children's Marketing Class is to do a double page spread illustrating a story, such as a nursery rhyme, fairy tale, or Aesop's fable.

So I chose to do an Aesop Fable, which are interesting, I've never taken much notice of them before. I chose The Jay and The Peacock. I like the moral, "it is not only fine feathers that make a fine bird."

So i began with collecting reference and then doing a character study, ending with a thumbnail. All of which is on the following paper.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So, I've owned Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since about last spring, maybe. CS4 version (yeah, didn't know that CS5 was on the way in a few months. Kind of miffed at that, cause there's no way I can afford to buy it again, since I was waiting a year just to buy Cs4. So I was up to date for a few months at least. sigh.)

Anyhoo, I've decided I should build up my digital skills, or I would build on them if I had any. :(

To get me started, I decided to buy a WACOM tablet. Since drawing with a stylus pen is easier than drawing with a mouse. So I took some of my birthday money (thanks grandpa Bowman) and bought a little one, a pretty basic, no bells and whistles kind. I got a Bamboo Pen, these two images are some of the things I've done so far with it. I've come to like doing the line in Illustrator then painting under it in Photoshop. But we'll see what works best, I have just begun my adventures in the world of Digital Painting . . . pray for me please. '~'

Have a PURR-FECT day!

sorry, i can't resist an oppurtunity for a "punny" pun.

alright, i'll stop for now . . .

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Illustration Stuff

The first assignment in my Illustration Professional Practices class (I tend to refer to it as Ill. Practices ^_^) dealt with occupations. We were each assigned a different occupation in a somewhat random way (our teacher called on us and we chose a number 1-21 and were given the occupation assigned to the number we called). By the grace of God I chose number 18 and was assigned Animal Trainer. Even better, our teacher said our assignment was open to however we interpreted it. YAY!

So my idea was a little girl training an octopus, who happens to be balancing on a large ball, juggling, and spinning plates. I'm going to show you different stages of my painting process.

I like to sneak up on color when using watercolor (any media really), so I lay down light washes of color to see whether they're going to get along or not.

Now a little more color and a slight suggestion of value . . . oh, and a slight composition change. I put a crowd of kids in the bottom right corner. You probably didn't notice that, right?

Oh no! Now were starting to create depth! AH!

And now the FINAL!
Sorry, was that too big of a jump for you? Forgive me, I didn't take more pictures of the process. I always mean to, but I get caught up in the project and want to keep going. When I'm like that there's no time to stop for pictures (which isn't a bad thing, no sir!).
Before the end of this, I added a lot more color and value. Which was accomplished with some help of colored pencils.
Farewell for now! Thanks for visiting and have a GREAT week! ^_^

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Watercolor

This year I'm in Advanced Watercolor, my third semester of taking watercolor. YAY! ^_^ Being in Advanced Watercolor, I'm allowed to decide what I paint. But the catch is it has to be fine arts like, so NO illustrations. Sad face. My teacher used to allow Illustration majors do illustrations, but he kept thinking they were doing homework in his class instead.
Anyways, I chose to do portraits of loved ones. So I decided to do a picture of my brother and niece. It's such a beautiful picture, I love it a LOT! So I thought I would paint it. ^_^
Of course it doesn't look exactly like the photo, but then if I wanted that I wouldn't of painted it I would have just enlarged the photo and left well enough alone. It was fun painting it and a little nerve-wracking. As I progressed and saw that all was well so far, I got nervous wondering if I'd mess it up. But I think it's pretty well done. What do you think?

Let me tell you, babies are HARD to draw. And HARD to paint. I think this is the second baby I've EVER tried to draw realistically. I can see the mistakes ...

Father & Daughter

watercolor, 2H pencil

September 21 & 23, 2010

It was really fun painting my brother's hair, and I couldn't help but giggle as I painted in my brother's chest hair. ^_^

Alright, have a GREAT weekend lovelies! ^_^

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Humorous Il.

Adam West
watercolor, colored pencils
Fall 2010

This year at CCAD (also my LAST one), I'm taking the Humorous Illustration class. Our first assignment was to draw a caricature of a famous person. I chose Adam West, the best Batman EVER! I chose a middle aged picture of him to work from, not totally sure why.
Maybe because he has glasses in his older life and I'm a sucker for glasses on anyone. ^_^ Or maybe I wanted to make it seem like he's taking up his cape and cowl again for the greater good. Hmm, who knows? Don't you love how profound I am? ^_^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Portrait Drawing

graphite (F, 3B), 9-2-10

This past week was the LAST first week of school for me (hopefully)! I am now a senior (I still find it hard to believe my teachers passed me those previous years) at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design). Crazy, right?

Anyhoo, this little guy is the first portrait I've done in my Portrait class I'm taking this semester. I feel as if I should have taken that class last year, but my schedule was crazy as it was. Better late then never I guess. ^_^

I set myself up to do a profile view of the model, I feel that's my strength when it comes to the human head. I had fun drawing him, though the beard was different, I've never tried to draw a white beard before. The ear is messed up, the angles aren't quite right. But I LOVE his nose and eyes. ^_^ I wish I had time to finish it off, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Alright then, bye bye!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Commercial Figure Drawing

These drawings are a few that I have done for my Commercial Figure Drawing class, where models were dressed up in costumes so we could practice drawing folds in clothing and on
the props arranged about them.

Graphite Line Drawing, emphasis on folds

Graphite Drawing, Close up/Crop of Drawing


Unfinished Charcoal



Pen and Ink, the man is actually my teacher because the model didn't show up that day.

Graphite Drawing, Crop of drawing

Friday, February 19, 2010

Illustration Class

fall 2009
This is an in-class project for one of my Illustration classes. The project was to
capture extreme mood. Thankfully I'm blessed with at least one willing friend to
play model for me. I asked him because he can be very expressive, as you see. I'd
say this "extreme mood" is disgust/disdain. I did have this hanging up for some time in
my studio, but who wants their friend staring at them with that expression on their face. ^_^
I drew this on cold-press strathmore watercolor paper (120 lbs. I think) using graphite,
copic marker (colorless blender), and denatured alcohol. We were given three to four sessions
that were each about three hours long. So this was completed in about nine to twelve hours.