Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tragedy of the Little Tea Bag

I've decided to post a few of my "writings" up on my blog, until I can build them a proper place to live and when I write more of them too. ^_^ so here is one for you to enjoy now.

The Tragedy of the Little Tea Bag
Written by Jeanette Bowman

Once upon a time, there was a little tea bag. He was very young, just freshly made, and full of life and good cheer. The little tea bag was eager to fill his tea bag purpose, even though he wasn’t quite sure of all that that would entail.

So he waited anxiously in a clear glass jar full of fellow tea bags. There were bags of earl grey and green tea, just like himself. There were also bags of chamomile, mint, and jasmine. He waited day after day to fulfill his tea bag purpose, never losing his good cheer even as he watched fellow tea bags being chosen one by one.

One day, early in the light of dawn, the little tea bag was finally chosen. He was bursting with elation as he left the glass jar and his fellow tea bags. The little tea bag knew that this was his moment. He was going to fulfill his tea bag purpose.

He was placed within a container very much like his glass jar, but this container was smaller and he could not see through it’s walls. The little tea bag’s heart swelled with joy, knowing that within seconds his tea bag purpose would be met.

From above, he saw clear liquid fall down upon him. And then a scream of agony burst through his little body. The liquid was searing hot, like liquid fire, and the little tea bag was being steadily submerged within it.

He began to go weak as his body was soaked through, he fell limp against the wall of his new prison. The tea bag felt his innards seep out through his thin layer of paper skin. But even though the little tea bag was steeping in agony, he was the happiest he’d ever been.

The little tea bag smelled the enticing aroma that he was the cause of and became overjoyed all the more. And as his eyes slid closed one last time, a little contented smile spread across his face. The little tea bag had fulfilled his tea bag purpose.

The End

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  1. Ok so the journey from the cute melancoly turned happy ending of "In search of a friend" s to the horror of "the Tragedy of the little tea bag" was a little crazy. The teabag story was so cute and hopeful until the "steeping agony" haha loved it nonetheless. "In Search of a Friend" could really sell though--serious. get that thing published. I loved it! The teabag story is for a more limited "morbid childhood" clientle. hhehe