Sunday, December 12, 2010

da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Our last assignment for Groffaluffagus was to take an old comic cover and redo it in our own style. Like they do here on this site.

So I chose Batman because he is BEAUTIFUL! and I chose this cover because it's hilarious. ^_^

Now this is my spin on it:

heehee, i LOVE Batman! When I finished this, I was later inspired to put up my Batman Christmas tree. ^_^

have a WONDERFUL week!


  1. So many things make me think of you when i see them.. Batman is one of them. I love your interpretation. I mean, Batman and Robin do not need so many muscles. Judah is also a die hard Batman fanatic as illustrated in this next little anecdote from the other night. He was singing that jingle bells you sing on the play ground when you are a kid-- "jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg.." except that Judah could not find it within himself to sing "batman smells" and instead kept singing "Jingle bells, Robin smells, Robin laid an egg, the batmobile lost its wheel and Robin got a way hey!" I tried to correct him but he just wasnt having it. : )

  2. ohmygod! I love the batman christmas tree!

  3. LOL your Batman comic cover is so cute! I didn't even know that covered existed!! XD And I totally want a B-man Christmas tree...