Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So, I've owned Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since about last spring, maybe. CS4 version (yeah, didn't know that CS5 was on the way in a few months. Kind of miffed at that, cause there's no way I can afford to buy it again, since I was waiting a year just to buy Cs4. So I was up to date for a few months at least. sigh.)

Anyhoo, I've decided I should build up my digital skills, or I would build on them if I had any. :(

To get me started, I decided to buy a WACOM tablet. Since drawing with a stylus pen is easier than drawing with a mouse. So I took some of my birthday money (thanks grandpa Bowman) and bought a little one, a pretty basic, no bells and whistles kind. I got a Bamboo Pen, these two images are some of the things I've done so far with it. I've come to like doing the line in Illustrator then painting under it in Photoshop. But we'll see what works best, I have just begun my adventures in the world of Digital Painting . . . pray for me please. '~'

Have a PURR-FECT day!

sorry, i can't resist an oppurtunity for a "punny" pun.

alright, i'll stop for now . . .

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