Saturday, February 19, 2011

What animal is it that i do i see? Can you help me solve the mystery?

Can you tell me what animal this is that i do see?

No, well what about now?

Still nothing? What about with some flesh on?

Really, STILL nothing? What about if it had some skin on it?

You guys are hopeless! HERE! i hope you can guess what it is NOW:

I'm taking a 3D Illustration class this semester (just for fun). We have to turn in three 3D pieces in to my teacher at the end of the semester, of whatever we want. So i decided to sculpt some of my letters from my ABCs, can you tell which one this is?

I used sculpey, armature wire, aluminum foil, acrylic paint, beads, and beading wire. He's about 5 inches high (i think) on a 7 inch wood plaque. I'm going to guess-timate about 5-6 hours from start to finish.

Well, that's what i did with my Saturday, what did you do with yours? ^_^

Have a GREAT Sunday!


  1. Oh, Nette! How wonderful to see the steps! I love it. Now I can go backwards and "see" the animal in the first picture. I love it!