Sunday, February 6, 2011


o.k. dear friends, here is the first finished assignment of my LAST semester at CCAD. eek, scary stuff, huh?
Anyways, this is for my Humorous Illustration class. We had to design a bus ad for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

so . . . what is my favorite animal (that the zoo just so happens to have TWO of?)
A RED PANDA! that's where i started, because of course i want a reason to draw something so gosh darn adorable. ^_^

Here is my COLOR COMP:

and now the beginning of the FINAL:

starting off by laying down some color . . .

now add some blue . . .

BAM! all the watercolor is done.

and PRESTO! the final is finished after colored pencil is applied. ^_^

have a GREAT day!


  1. Super cute! And of course I love good word play. ;)

  2. you should really submit this to the CbS zoo and see if they would pay to use it! It is sooo uber adorable!