Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Off the Page!

okay, so I like narwhals. 
I REALLY like narwhals. 
I'm slightly obsessed. 
So I got this crazy idea to make a shirt. A shirt with narwhals all over it. Well, only the front of it really.  
and I wear it!

I wanna say it took around nine hours from start to finish,
 with many breaks and interruptions between. 


  1. you should totally make patterns for material. Girl your art is so good! and so versatile! can you please start finding a way to make a living off of your awesomeness?? you could make cards, patterns for material, shirts! i would buy it all and so would my friends.. and the entire world. do it. now! thanks :) (love - one of your biggest fans)

  2. Kat, I couldn't agree more. I've been telling her about designing on Spoonflower. I just KNOW people would buy her fabric designs.

    Super cute, Nette!