Thursday, September 6, 2012

Designs for Onesies

The lady I designed the baby shower invitations for also asked me to create a few designs that her guests can use to iron on to onesies, an activity they are going to do at the shower is decorate onesies. So I'm showing you a few of the designs I did. Some have the baby's name added into the design, upon request of the client.They also requested that I do a mustache, a bow-tie, and a pair of suspenders. The father enjoys fishing, so that is why the rubber ducky is modified in the design. But I was given free rein on all the other designs, which I enjoyed. (did you notice the narwhal? ^_^)

The Batman one was done for a friend, she's the one who got me the job. I had to share it because it's BATMAN and the idea she had for it is cute. ^_^

Have a GREAT weekend! ^_^

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