Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Cards

I work at a Child Care, where I and another teacher are in charge of thirty second through fourth grade boys and girls. We both are planning on getting all of our children Valentine Cards, so I designed two cards to come from me. 

 My sister inspired this one. I've come to like it a lot, even though there's SO MUCH PINK!

Most of my boys are into Pokemon, but I know a few are into Star Wars too. So I opted for drawing Chewbacca, RD2D, and C3PO instead of Pikachu (because I like them better ^_^) 

The following one was done for a few special ladies in my life to receive:

These diddlies were drawn in my sketchbook then colored in Photoshop CS4.

I hope your Valentine's Day goes well! ^_^


  1. I LOVE the jelly fish card!!
    I didn't know you were still keeping up a drawing blog until I saw a link on facebook a few minutes ago.& I am sooo glad because your drawings always make me smile!
    Miss you!!