Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lewis and the Swirling Magic Cloud Stuff

Here's another story from me!

Lewis and the Swirling Magic Cloud Stuff

There was once a little boy whose name was Lewis. On one particular day that had not started out in any extraordinary way, he was sitting in math class feeling awfully bored so he stared out the window and began to wonder.

Then all of a sudden, quite surprisingly to Lewis, something began to slowly spill from his head. Some kind of swirling magic cloud stuff began to seep out of his ears.

He was disturbed by this, but even more disturbing was what the swirling magic cloud stuff was doing.

It began turning into creatures such as purple foxes, bright orange spotted giraffes, and a turquoise zorilla.

Lewis did not know the names of some of the things that the swirling magic cloud stuff became. Such as the creatures who had three eyes, two heads, or long, fuzzy tongues.

More and more of these creatures appeared as more and more of the swirling magic cloud stuff spilled from his ears.

He was becoming a bit concerned because the creatures kept appearing and nobody seemed to notice them but himself.

But the bell rang, ending math class, and Lewis was able to quickly leave the room and all of the creatures in it.

He sped down the hallway passing his fellow classmates, but the swirling magic cloud stuff spilled from his ears even more, making more and more creatures that filled the hallways.

Lewis was going to run out of the school, but a huge creature with horns and claws was standing in his way. So he ducked into the nearest classroom.

The swirling magic cloud stuff and the creatures all followed Lewis into the room. Lewis looked to see that Mr. Artizan was standing in his classroom, smiling over at him.
“I think this may help you, Lewis,” Mr. Artizan said, showing Lewis a desk with a pencil and paper on top of it.

Lewis stopped and looked over at the desk, his creatures all surrounding him and waiting to see what would happen next.

Lewis sat down and picked up the pencil and then began to draw every creature he had seen that had come out of the swirling magic cloud stuff.

Lewis smiled as he drew several pictures of all the creatures he had seen, and once he had drawn them all the creatures disappeared. But the swirling magic cloud stuff never stopped spilling out of his ears.


This one was inspired by a friend (Kevin Blasius), go check out his website and you'll understand how he inspired me. ^_^

I hope you enjoyed it.

p.s. a zorilla is a real creature, google it. ^_^


  1. Soooo cool Nette. I can't wait to see the illustrations!

  2. I am spellbound and can't wait to see the illustrations as well!